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The 7 Hidden Costs of Getting Married in Malta and How to Avoid Them

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 We're a cheerful wedding planning team that wants to execute your vision, not re-invent it. Let us remove your worries and put the fun back into planning.

Create a holiday escape around your wedding

What if your wedding lasted for more than just one day? Imagine creating a complete holiday escape for you and your closest friends and family with memorable group gatherings that let you savor the wedding experience for the entire visit.

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Get everything you want without giving up control

Worried you’ll have to give up control, flexibility or style because you’re planning your wedding from afar? Well, we don’t believe in compromising on your big vision! Have your wedding your way, without giving up control or feeling overwhelmed.

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Discover your perfect Malta wedding venue

Finding the perfect venue for your destination wedding in Malta is a big decision. Without local insider knowledge, it can seem like an insurmountable task. Save countless hours of research with access to our exclusive venue lists and resources.

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Unique, Worry-Free Weddings in Malta

iDo Weddings Malta specializes in helping destination couples like you create a one of a kind, custom-from-scratch, flawless wedding in Malta.

Our aim is to implement your vision, not re-invent it. You keep control and we help you leave your worries behind. Working with us, you'll save countless hours of your precious time and actually have fun planning your wedding instead of feeling overwhelmed by it! 

Working with us, you'll find cheerful friend, confidante and assistant who is dedicated to you throughout your wedding planning journey. From the moment you delegate planning to us, you'll feel like a huge burden has been lifted from your shoulders. You'll breeze trough all preparations, fully enjoy your engagement time and feel like a guest at your own wedding.

Only read on if you want the best of everything on your wedding day

With years of wedding planning experience, we will help you to get the best of everything. We know all the best and most beautiful hotels on the island, the caterers that really deliver and whose food will wow your guests, which cars to rent, where to have your photographs taken and much, much more.

We have brought dreams to life for couples with intimate private ceremonies in hard to reach parts of Gozo1 with wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea, staged a couple's happiest day in olde worlde Palazzos in the centre of the island, arranged grand marriage services in incredible Catholic Churches, just as the Maltese do, arranged services so that couples can say their vows on beaches, wine estates and many more. If your dream marriage is possible in Malta, we will make it happen for you.

When a country is as small as Malta2 is, everywhere is reachable with ease. This means that you and your guests can stay in one of the finer hotels, perhaps in Floriana on the outskirts of Valletta, or in the more popular areas of Sliema or St Julian's. This will make it easier for your guests to entertain themselves and see some nightlife in the days before your ceremony, while we ensure that every final touch is put in place. There are a number of very nice five star hotels on the island to choose from (explained here).

Should you wish, we can arrange for the bride and groom to stay in a hotel or villa that is separate but close to the other guests - we have had many sorts of requests!

There are many villas and grand private apartments that can host groups of up to fifteen people. This means that you and your guests can stay together. You can plan a whole week of relaxation, day trips and adventures for your family and guests. Many of our clients have told us that having the celebration last for a week rather than just one day was a real highlight of the experience.

We have arrangements with the best local service providers so that on the morning of your big day, you and your bridesmaids will be prepared and pampered by the best. Hair, makeup, flowers and final touches will be applied by our exclusive providers.

Obviously, it is not easy to bring too much with you for a destination wedding3, so while you will probably want to have the wedding dress made at home, other heavy or delicate items, like a wedding cake, bouquets and favors can be made locally in Malta.

Your dream, organised

We have found that our clients tend to have a clear idea of what they want and we step in to make it real. We will, of course, help with creative ideas, but if you have a concept in mind, we will be very pleased to bring it to life for you.

We love doing this – we do not want to be in the cookie cutter, production line business – we want to create one of a kind experiences whenever we can. It is very rewarding for us and our clients love how much control they have while planning with us.

By delegating the daunting tasks of planning to us, you can enjoy your engagement, reclaim your evenings and weekends and spend more time thinking about your honeymoon.

While we want your day to be special and unique, we are very organised and have checklists and spreadsheets to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes, as every good wedding planner should (explained here). Our system has been perfected and tested over time and you can rest assured that no details will fall through the cracks.

We believe in transparency

There are many ways to operate as a wedding planner and we believe in integrity and being transparent with our clients. You won't find us offering you “Option A” and “Option B” to choose from so that we can add in our own mark-up. Instead, we will provide you with full details of the providers, their services and fees. Having learned through experience, this is how we would wish to be treated as clients and so this is how we will work with you (explained here, here and here).

We also believe that if we are going to get the small details right for your celebration, then you need to understand the options and choices available. This can be the difference between toasting the father of the bride's speech with champagne or, not. We know that these little things count. The more extravagant or luxurious you want your wedding4 to be, the more these details will count for you and your guests.

As part of our service to you, we help you plan your budget as realistically as possible. Nobody likes surprises when they overspend, including us, so we pay special attention to your requirements.

We know that you want to have a wonderful day, but that you also want your family and close guests to have a super time as well. We specialise in creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere with great food, drink and entertainment, where everyone enjoys themselves.

We have found that our clients are quite discerning and typically they have clearly defined thoughts about what they want. Providing choices and the best range of options available makes it possible for your day to match your dreams.

Whatever your hopes and dreams, we want your marriage to be about love and celebration while we handle the rest. We hope that you will take some time to look around this site and see some of the photographs and testimonials from other couples.

If you would like to contact us, we would love to set up an initial call – often on Skype. This will help us to get to know each other, see if we are the right match and learn how best to work together. We hope to hear from you soon.